About me


Hi, I am Daniela. 

For many years already I have been on the spiritual path. I did some years of training in spiritual healing, different seminars on meditation, alternative healing and spirituality.

When I met my Twin Flame, I was at first not aware of the spiritual dimension of what was happening to me.

My former spiritual teachers and methods could not really help me with the Twin Flame issue. The first books I read about Twin Flames helped me to understand at least a bit what Twin Flames are all about, but they didn't offer me a concrete way of making this exceptional Love feasible for me.

Only after getting to know the Teachings of Union of Jeff & Shaleia, and the mirror exercise, it was possible for me to heal deeply and to recognize the Twin Flame journey as a spiritual awakening and ascension journey. The more separation consciousness I was able to heal as time went, the more Peace I experienced within.  

After experiencing so much healing myself, I recognized my life purpose in helping others to master their Twin Flame journey, as a Certified Ascension Coach.