Heal your Twin Flame Union

  • Have you met your Twin Flame, the deepest Love of your life? 
  • Are the triggers overwhelming you and you are seperated (again)?
  • Are you longing for TRUE LOVE?
  • Are you ready for your spiritual awakening, the greatest adventure of your life?

Hi, I am Daniela, great that you found my website! 

I have been on my Twin Flame journey for a few years now. I know your pain and your challenges, your doubts and your longing.

Thanks to the Teachings of Union by Jeff & Shaleia I was able to heal a lot of separation consciousness already. 

Joy and Peace returned back to my life, deepened and expanded. Finally I could recognize the blessings of the Twin Flame journey and the harvest the fruits of my inner healing work.

That's why I decided to pass on this valuable inner healing work as a Certified Ascension Coach.  

The Twin Flame journey is the greatest challenge in your life. 

But it is also speeding up your spiritual awakening. It is an invitation to heal your emotional childhood wounds, let go of false beliefs and remember your Union with God and your Twin Flame. 

Are you ready?