This is what clients say:


"Daniela is wonderful - she was able to very lovingly meet me where I was at, we did some healing and she gently guided my through the healing process. I recommend very much!" - E.S.

"The coaching session with the mirror exercise I did with Daniela was magical. We travelled back in time into my childhood and youth. Daniela was like an angel, always present and clear by my side. We were able to heal a lot. I know, with the mirror exercise, lots of healing happened, and through her reassuring words, Daniela helped me to integrate the healing very well. I felt very cared for in the coaching session. Would love to repeat it."- D.D.

"The coaching session was really a pleasant experience. Daniela has a very gentle approach and I felt cared for from the first second. Patiently she listened to my Twin Flame story and guided me through the mirror exercise. Through her guidance I could dive really deep to heal my emotional wounds. Alone, I wasn't able to go this deep. Daniela encouraged my to go deeper and reminded me that I am safe at all times. I can absolutely recommend coaching with Daniela to others on their Twin Flame journey. It was very healing and I am sure that I will reach out to Daniela for coaching again. Thank you from all my heart!" - M.S.

"Daniela is a very loving person. She guided my thorugh my blockages perfectly and I was able to trust her immediately. She gave my lots of information about the Twin Flame path. She also dealt with my fears and was very understanding. I could really feel that she loves coaching a lot and that she does it from all her heart and soul. The coaching with her helped me a lot. Thank you so much." - J.S.